09 January 2009

Public Service Announcement.

It's all Greek to me but here are two job openings. I received this third-hand from a community mailing list but have no further information, negius, relationship, pull, association, relevance, knowledge, etc, etc, etc.

Good luck.


Director/Associate Director, IT Infrastructure
TO-160K plus 18% bonus and stock options
Job Description
Chief Architect and strategist for the company's Information Systems Infrastructure. Provides strategic IT planning and technical IT leadership in support of IT customers in networks, hardware and system softwareResponsibilities of this position include:Manages a staff of 15-20 IT infrastructure professionals, including three managerial level direct reports;Data Center, storage, and processing power capacity management;Chief Architect for all IT managed infrastructure;Manages all telecommunications and datacom contracts and external relationships;Partners with key business stakeholders to: assess long-range business plans of customer departments, identify emerging business requirements, and identify potential operational efficiencies. Long range requirements are used to create strategic IT plans to implement technology solutions to fulfill those requirements;Gathers new requirements for technology, translates those requirements into IT project plans, and executes on those plans to provide new or improved solutions;Provides leadership in the analysis of existing infrastructure processes, and the establishment of new processes bases cost effective automation solutions;Design and implementation of documented management processes and automation solutions that support regulatory compliance in an FDA and SOX environment;Troubleshoots system problems and provides customer support for technical and process issues encountered;Assures system availability, monitors system performance, and directs any required system tuning or database optimization;Develops and maintains all controlled and system documentation for the supported software portfolio;Ensures all team members are appropriately trained in the use of the systems supported;Supervision of employees, responsible for performance reviews.
Required Skills
Required Skills:Bachelor's Degree with 12+ years experience; 8+ years in supervision of IT Infrastructure; MBA a plus;Experience and understanding in support of multiple data center locations and the ability to travel to those locations;Demonstrated experience managing infrastructure in a Microsoft, Cisco environment;Demonstrated skills in managing networks with voice and data communications;Prior experience with regulatory issues related to FDA, SOX and the ability to apply these regulations to business needs;Excellent written and verbal skills and the ability to coummunicate clearly, concisely and effectively;Previous experience managing a multi-level team or at least 20 full-time employees.IT PROJECT LEADER

Responsibilities of this position include managing the development and implementation process for the company's R&D and Commercial Systems Initiatives. Involves management of departmental or cross-functional teams focused on the delivery of new or existing technology projects.Implements and supports new or improved processess and systems for Regulatory, Clinical, R&D Laboratory, Sales Force Automation and/or Marketing functions;Oversees responsible projects from initiation through delivery as overall project leader;Plans, directs and administers project schedules and monitors project budget/spending;Organizes interdepartmental and cross-functional activities and resources to ensure project completion on schedule and within budget;Maintains accountability for specific project activities via metrics, project reports, and compliance with budgetary expectations;Ensures IT controls put in place to comply with Computer System Validation, 21 CFR Part 11 and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations are maintained and appropriately reviewed;Performs special projects, as assigned by IT Management;, the incumbent is also expected to be customer-focused, a problem-solver, a communicator, professional, willing to learn and a team player.
Required Skills
BS in a technical/scientific field or equivalent work experience;7-10 years experience leading a computer-related activity;Experience in Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)including analysis, design, coding, implementation and deployment for R&D and Commercial Systems in a pharmaceutical environment;Knowledge and experience in business process design and re-engineering;Very strong project management and communication skills required including experience leading cross-functional teams in a matrix environment (PMP desired);Ability to work effectively under pressure;Ability to work on multiple medium to complex projects simultaneously;In-depth knowledge of Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows XP and VMware Operating Systems;Good understanding of ISO quality standard and 21 CFR Part 11


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    08 January 2009

    Button Benjamin

    ******** Spoiler Alert - if you live in a cave *********

    .time your waste Don't .predictable totally is film the, concept novel the than Other. idea great a of waste a what, Carlin George aside setting, screen on new maybe concept the Though. (duh, here Begin) <==============

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    02 January 2009

    Does it get any better than this?

    Well, maybe a good Toisfis comes close.

    But too bad there's no Olam Haboh. Imagine something spiritual or transcendent better than this.

    Take Jerry Seinfeld, add twenty years and a couple of guitar lessons and you get:

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    01 January 2009

    Oh, the guilt.

    Just this week, this exchange took place.

    Mark - "Take our BHB for example, what good does his skepticism bring him?"

    Jewish Philosopher - "Plenty. At very least he never needs to feel guilty about anything".

    He's absolutely right. Twenty five years ago, I was absolutely wracked with guilt; how I could spend New years day watching the Honeymooners Marathon, episode after hilarious episode, and not sit in Bais Medrash for at least a few hours.

    Today - no guilt at all.

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