13 September 2009

More 'great literature' angst!

The Oilam is shouting. All together.

ויעבור יהוה על-פניו, ויקרא, יהוה יהוה, אל רחום וחנון--ארך אפיים, ורב-חסד ואמת

But it seems people have been faking it for ages.

The President leaned forward and, with a touch, released a delirium of cymbals and blown brass, a fever of tom-tomming.

"Oh, he's coming!" screamed Clara Deterding. "Aie!" and it was as though she were having her throat cut.

Feeling that it was time for him to do something, Bernard also jumped up and shouted: "I hear him; He's coming." But it wasn't true. He heard nothing and, for him, nobody was coming. Nobody–in spite of the music, in spite of the mounting excitement. But he waved his arms, he shouted with the best of them; and when the others began to jig and stamp and shuffle, he also jigged and shuffled.

OK, Without doing an Internet Search, Where is this from?

A) Huxley, Brave New world
B) Dostoyesvski - Notes from the underground
C) I love Lucy - Episode 76
D) Dickens - The mystery of Edwin Drood
E) Pasternak - Dr. Zhivago
F) Stein J. - Why I am not a Christian
G) Name your own book and author
H) Create your own book and author

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