11 March 2009

Hashovas Aveidah - Not

Hat Tip - You know who.

No Mitzvah to Return Non-Kosher Cellular Telephone

HaGaon Rav Nissim Karelitz Shlita has released a unique p’sak halacha pertaining to the mitzvah of ‘hashovas aveida’ and non-kosher cellular telephones, Ladaat.net reports.

According to the report, if one discovers a non-kosher cell phone and knows who the owner is, and knows for a fact or has a reason to suspect the owner uses the phone for prohibited access, one is not compelled to fulfill the mitzvah of ‘hashovas aveida’.

The p’sak in the Rav’s sefer also states if one does not know who the owner is and the cell phone is not the ‘kosher phone’ with rabbinical approval, one is not compelled to try to locate the owner.

In other words, as my wife, said "*Mistameh, he wants you to keep and enjoy the phone yourself"!!

I hope you had a Freilichen Purim.

*OK, So my wife didn't use the word "Mistameh". Still, Mistameh, that's what she meant.

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