13 February 2009

What's this world coming to?

Within the space of one week, two interesting events occurred that concern the Skeptic Oilam. What makes it interesting is that the events are presented within the Frum Chareidi world.

Firstly, this past Motsh"k there was the Footsteps interview on the Zev Brenner show. The interview was not handled well at all by the Footsteppers, but even bad PR is better than no PR. You can listen to the Radio show and read more about it over at Hedyot's place.

And now on Rabbi Horowitz's site there's a great discussion within the Frum world that portays OTDers and skeptics in a decent light.

I really want to talk more about the Footsteps interview, but I mamesh haven't got the time now.

A guttten Erev Shabbos Koidesh.

(Am I speaking Yeshivish enough?)

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