10 February 2009

Torah - Our way of Life.

Over at XGH, logician said:

"Torah - Is the accumulated wisdom of our people. It speaks to each person individually. It is so large a corpus at this point that it contains endless potential for application. People dont look at music and say "hey there are only eight notes here" instead there are infinite combinations that still fit within a traditional framework."

And in my comments he writes:

While I can certainly understand your story, I really dont understand why its so vital to you that everything is empirically true in the same way as a scientific experiment. To me, the real crisis of faith is the belief that if one can disprove one particular, the whole ediface is destroyed. Its understandable why you take this view since the prevailing view of reality is very much tilted towards empiracism and inductive reasoning (a la Poppers view that all you need is one black swan to disprove the theory that all are not white).Alas, religion is not like that. Religion is about personal experience and personal ability. It is a broad brush and it presents perspectives for people in each level of development from the child for whom the tales are to be understood literally to the wise man for whom they are merely clothing that represents other things.

"One particular". Ha. Who is he kidding?

"Personal experience and ability". What on earth does that have to do with anything?

After a brief interchange which you should view here, I say:

It's not a matter of commentary which might fill in details upon an otherwise accurate Torah. If it's been altered, exaggerated, enlarged upon, politicised, analogized, propagandized then it's all a myth, not something that can make a claim on me as to how God expects me to live my life. I could tolerate it if it asked me to celebrate Jewish History and culture. But it presents itself as God's detailed instruction manual, when it (OJ) is really just Sheker Vechazav. Do you hear that? It's another example of a Big Lie. When I think about it, I'm sick over it. When I think about the sacrifice I've made over the course of my life, I get sick over it. When I think of the sacrifice I'm still making because I want to protect my family and social standing, I'm sick over it. When I think about the sacrifice I make because I'm a coward, I'm sick over it.

Sigh. What's the use.

All I can say in consolation to myself is that I still have a great life compared to the vast majority of beings that ever graced this planet. And the grass is always greener on the other side.

So BHB, just make the best of it.

So what else is new? Did you see that last Touchdown in the SuperBowl? Wow, Just awesome.

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