16 November 2008

Praying for others

It is axiomatic ( I feel like Artscroll) that "he who prays for his fellow will get answered first" -

המתפלל בעד חברו הוא נענה תחילה

Vos is Neis reports "Ultra-Orthodox Jews participate in a prayer calling for the end of the worldwide financial crisis"

But read a bit further.

Rabbi Israel Bunem Shriber, the head of the yeshiva took his place in the front row and turned to the students with a strong message: the financial crisis is overseas, but everyone should be prepared because its coming our way very soon.
"You students might ask, ‘What is it my business if a wealthy Jew in America is suffering from economic problems?’ Well, I say that if there is an earthquake in Honolulu it should matter to us since troubles always come closer and closer," said Shriber.
Soon everyone had joined Shriber in wailing in prayer

Not, "we should pray for our brethren in America who are losing jobs left and right. We should pray for Frum Yidden (and skeptics!) who's savings have gone up in smoke."

Our holy brethren in Israel aren't really praying for Americans. No, they're admittedly praying for their own sorry fat rear ends that they refuse to remove from the Kolel benches.
If and when this economic crisis passes, I'm certain these prayer days will be featured as a regular part of the Chareidi Fundraising engine.

Just shameful.

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