13 December 2008

Battle Stations

As I sat today in shul, overhearing some drasha about Yaakov meeting Esav, a Kashye occurred to me. The Parsha begins with Yaakov afraid of Esav. In a desire to not keep all his eggs in one basket, he divides the people, the sheep and oxen into two camps. And he said, "If Esav will come to one camp and strike it, then the camp that is left will survive". Great plan! And not just a plan, the Possuk says that's what he did. Breishis (32: 8 - 9)

Yet, just a bit further in 33:1-6, we find that all his family was in the same camp!

So, rushing home from shul I find that indeed Richard Elliot Friedman tentatively identifies Breishis 32:4-14 as J and 33 as E.

Surprize. Surprize.

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