22 February 2009


This post by Pen Tivokeish is a must read for hidden skeptics.

And this video is a must see. I admit that Anka's intent is more noble and overarching than the concerns of hidden skeptics of who are afraid to step out.

But if the show fits, wear it.

And it's a catchy tune which I was zoche to see performed live.

Freedom for you and me

Look at the madness
The faces of sadness
The people who try to survive
And why is it so
The children are wondering why.

We've broken the promise
The truth is upon us
Somehow were living a lie
And why don't we start
To start being smart
You and I

Just look around
what do you see
Is this the way we want it to be
I can't believe
The way we carry on
Are we wrong?

Everybody all over the world
We've got to get along
If we don't get together
We'll be gone.


Look at tommorrow
Think of the sorrow
Think of the price we'll pay
Look to your heart
and love will lead the way.

People are praying
People are saying
How long can this go on
It just isn't right
To fight for the right
To belong.

Everybody All over the world
Raise your voices in song
If we don't get together
We'll be gone

(Girsa Achrina ---

'Cause life is too short
And hey you're gone.)


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