17 February 2009

Great Angst Moment

OK, you know who wrote this? I didn't think so. But take a shot at it anyway (poll in the sidebar). Its multiple choice.

And let's hear your great angst moment and I'll post it!

Outside the library, one comes to one's senses: the ....., the .... stores. But still, always lurking, is the Project. What is the Project? It is not mine in particular; many people have worked on it. Perhaps it began for me at the time of the ...... War, or perhaps even before that. Events conspire to put you on the spot, to make some fateful decisions. And just then, facing life's ugly, jagged teeth, you suddenly feel a certain calm and a sense of the realness of things that isn't there most of the time, the realness of yourself as one distinct person, and certain ideas go through your head. A few years pass, perhaps. Then, on a day that you have set aside, sitting alone on a park bench above a municipal lake, you try to smooth things out in your mind, until the surface of the lake subtly starts to seem like an image of your mind, and once again you have a different sense of things. It is then that the Project can present itself most forcefully, reermerging from wherever it may have been waiting. The Project is: to get to the bottom of this, to see how far it goes; not to deceive oneself, not to be sentimental or weak, but to see how far one can go.

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