03 September 2006


We haven't had one in a while. Quiz time.

Why I haven't told my wife.

You know women. It's over twenty five years and I'm still waiting to get a word in edgewise.
My wife's maiden name is Lorenna Bobbitt, and I'm not taking any chances.
One skeptic in the family is more than enough.
Women just can't keep a secret. My wife will tell her shaitelmacher and before you know it, we'll be on the cover of the Yated, with my wife's face blurred over of course.

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    At September 05, 2006 6:17 PM, Blogger Irviner Chasid said...

    I think the answer is that you are affraid to find out that your wife also secretely has a blog which sounds very much like your own blog.

    You are too afraid to move forward when you find out your wife thinks as you do :P

    At September 05, 2006 7:10 PM, Blogger Baal Habos said...


    IC, Fortunately/unfortunately I had a recent conversation with my wife that proves she's still got the faith. It was one of the moments when I thought, here goes, she knows... and I was going to spill the beans .. but i was really surprized.. I'll post about it in - due time.

    At September 06, 2006 12:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    None of the above.

    You aren't telling her, because she'll toss you right out.


    At September 06, 2006 7:33 AM, Blogger happywithhislot said...

    you dont want to be responsible for her loss of faith.

    At September 06, 2006 3:17 PM, Blogger Irviner Chasid said...

    you dont want to be responsible for her loss of faith.

    Interesting, This is true as a statement not in the way you ment it.

    I read that as,

    Its not in your best interest to be resposible for her loss of faith, because cuasing someone to "sin" is worse than sinning yourself.

    But then I realized how stupid I was being :P

    I have had 4 people credit me with "showing them the light".. and what is most interesting about that to me, was that I wasn't even trying to, and I never told them what I myself beleive.


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