22 August 2006

My best friend.

Sorry for the brief digression, this is pertinent to my story.

Quiz time.

My best friend is:
My wife.
Lakewood Yid.
Johnny Walker Blue.
My Siddur.

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    At August 22, 2006 2:56 PM, Blogger Irviner Chasid said...


    Where is the real answer?

    At August 22, 2006 3:22 PM, Blogger Baal Habos said...

    IC, I listened to you. You've got a chance of being right.

    At August 22, 2006 7:07 PM, Blogger happywithhislot said...

    this is a checkbox option, so you can have multiple best friends.

    i choose
    your wife
    me (as in You).

    At August 22, 2006 8:45 PM, Blogger Irviner Chasid said...

    Then I vote for your Siddur, because that is the closets answer to "my thoughts"

    At August 22, 2006 9:40 PM, Blogger lakewoodyid said...

    A couple of posts back, you put me on as a possibility that your still hangin in because of me.

    Now your asking if I'm your best friend.

    Are these two connected?

    Now lets see.

    >My wife.

    A wife isn't a friend. She's a partner. Or the 'better half'.

    >Johnny Walker Blue.

    I sure hope not.


    Too general.

    >My Siddur

    Maybe a companion. Not a friend.

    The only remaining option is.......

    At September 04, 2006 8:45 AM, Blogger happywithhislot said...

    I was right!
    i am your best friend!


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