12 June 2008

Rock solid evidence

Tombstone Generator

Remember the fishy story in New Square? Initially lot's of folks believed it, hook, line & sinker!

Imagine if that story would be buttressed by a tombstone!

Convincing? If you'd stumble on a Matseiva like that, would you take that as a sign of a historical event? Would that be eligible for Pirchei Stories and the like? Would you be inspired by that?

Well, that's exactly what some reader expected of me. Remember my miracle post about the chussid of the Kalever Rebbe?

Well, a few months ago, I received an Email about that post. The writer politely chastised me about the post saying that stories about Tzaddikim, are usually meant to teach a lesson.

"There is usually a lesson to learn from it, it is about gedolei Yisroel, but after all, it is a story and it is generally for entertainment purposes"

He never came out and said so, but I think he was acknowledging that many stories such as this one, may not really be true. (Why didn't they tell me that when I was in Pirchei?! But that's a separate story.)

But then he said the following;

"Secondly, regarding this particular story, I heard it when I traveled to Hungary and to the kever of the Kalever Rebbe. I also went to the cemetery in Kalev where the person mentioned in the story, Yankel Fisch, is buried and on his tombstone, it references this amazing circumstance with the Rebbe. I was also together with a descendant of Yankel Fisch on the trip, who told me that the family does know this story, as it has been handed down from generation to generation. In today's day, that would be considered excellent verification, considering that most things thrown out there on the web and the like have absolutely no basis and is used for the purpose of implanting ideas in people's heads with no offer of proof.

So does this mean I need to retract my statement in my initial post when I claimed "this was not a verified story"?

Makes you wonder, eh?

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