15 April 2008

Welcome to my Paysach hotel.

Rabbi Horowitz posted an article in defence of families enjoying the Pesach Yom Tov at a fine Hotel.

Surprisingly, at least to me, most of the comments seem to be negative, implying that people should not be spending Pesach at a nice Hotel because it's too Gashmiusdik.

I don't want to get into the debate itself, but I figured I'd capitalize on the situation and open a hotel to cater to the Chareidi individuals who, for whatever reason are forced to go to a Hotel and want to stick with the Ruchnius.

Situated in downtown Philly we have the "Yetzias Mitrayim" hotel.

The Lobby will be sparsely furnished to prevent snoozing and improper mingling

Food will be kept to the minimum - you may have to wait on line for a while.

Guards will be posted at the swimming pool to make sure there's no swimming CH"VSH.
The guards will be straight out of the Haggada. Think Second makka.

All profits will be directed to Kupat Ha'ir - the charity of the Gedolim

Have a great Pesach

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