19 March 2008

Some yes - Some no.

I really love it when sites such as TheYeshivaWorld publish all kinds of articles including science articles such as this which is about the brain's vascular system.

But how come they don't publish this which is about scientists finding a mummified dinosaur with skin and bones.

Using tiny brushes and chisels, workers picking at a big greenish-black
rock in the basement of North Dakota's state museum are meticulously uncovering
something amazing: a nearly complete dinosaur, skin and all.
Unlike almost
every other dinosaur fossil ever found, the Edmontosaurus named Dakota, a
duckbilled dinosaur unearthed in southwestern North Dakota in 2004, is covered
by fossilized skin that is hard as iron. It's among just a few mummified
dinosaurs in the world, say the researchers who are slowly freeing it from a
65-million-year-old rock tomb

This goes way beyond the old fragments of bones they used to uncover and it is out of the realm of what is known as speculative science.

Just wondering.

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