21 February 2008

Did you Vote yet?

See here and cast your vote for BHB for the OJ motto.

Note, I'm in four different runoffs. Not bad, ey. Of course, I submitted around 475 out of the 500 choices, so I'm bound to get some good ones..

But let me point out my choices.

They need some thought to appreciate them and I'll leave the thinking to you.

In Division 3, there's - "Age before beauty".

In Division 4, there's - "What happens in Kolel stays in Kolel".

In Division 6, there's - "Leave the thinking to us"

In Division 8, there's - "A million questions - A million answers "

Division 8, that's my favorite.

They require some thought and insight to appreciate them, especially Div 8. But unlike OJ, I'll leave the thinking to you!.

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