04 April 2008

Strange events - just for the believers.

This Emuna story caught my eye. Not so much for the event, but for the attitude.

Money Quote:

There is a verse in Tehillim
that says, “Min hameitzar karasi Kah, anani bamerchav Kah.” “From the straits I
cried out to Hashem, and He answered me with expansiveness.” No sooner had he
finished his tefillah to Hashem than the PA system came on with another
announcement. “We regret to inform you that one of our
flight attendants has suddenly become ill.
As an emergency precaution, we
will be forced to return to the terminal, even though it will involve losing our
place on the runway. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Inconvenience – this was a
miracle! Hashem had heard Eli’s prayer.

Not one word of concern for the poor flight attendant or wonder that Hashem would use this exact mechanism to get him off his flight.

Ah, She (he) was probably a Goy, who cares about them anyway.

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