18 February 2007

One of my (many) Fears

As a skeptic, I have this constant fear of being outed. Quite often, I've been asked my ID in Emails. Usually, the intentions of the requester are benign, but sometimes it's not.

You really would think that there's no reason on Earth someone would be so vindictive as to want to "out" someone. But check out this post by Jewish Philospher in which he says:

"Let’s hope that someday there will be a website established identifying these people, just as there are currently websites for sex offenders."

So - skeptics beware.

You may recall how I came up with the name "Baal Habos", but lately that moniker concerns me somewhat.

I try to make sure that when people casually mention "Baal Habos" that I don't show any special sign of recognition.

My fear? Well my fear is that one day I'll be in a large frum crowd at a "chasuneh" and someone will call out "Baal Habos" and I'm the only Bearded, Black-hatted, sushi-eating yutz that does NOT turn around!

Oh boy, we skeptics can never win.

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