11 January 2007

Shidduch Blues


“Hi, is Shprintse there?”
“Hi Gitty, this is Mrs. Shadchan.”
“Oh, hi.”
“Well you know, I set you up with over 30 boys from all different types of yeshivas and you even went out with some working boys. Most of them want to go out again, but you always turn them down.”
“OK, so…”
“Well Gitty, I think I know what’s going on.”
“Oh?, what do you mean?”
“I think you’re looking for a boy that has different Hashkofos on life. I think you’re looking for a skeptic, you know, like someone who reads Baal Habos’s blog. I want you to know that I have lots of boys like that too”.
“Oh that's wonderful!!! I just couldn't bring myself to ask."

The odds of a conversation like that happening are about as low as that of Yetsias Mitzrayim actually taking place. So for you skeptics out there, as you may have seen on BJ's and BTA, there are some people that are willing to help match you up. But first you have to let us know you're out there and tell us a just a little bit about yourself.

The logistics of this are not that simple and it’s being played by ear, but there are a few people here who feel for you and are willing to help out.

If you are interested, you can drop me a line at baalhabos@gmail.com and we’ll take it from there. Or you can check out the blog put out by the Top Shadchan.
By the way, if the current rate of inquiries keeps up we'll have around 300 eligible candidates in a year.

Please, no cranks. This is serious business.

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