01 January 2007


Not quite what you'd want dating your daughter.

I saw this picture and the first thought that comes to me was this is some kind of mushchas (outcast or lowlife, is that the right word?).

But how bad can he be? He's got some of the greatest music around.

I love it when I stumble onto something new in the library. And this is super. This guy makes that guitar sing. Most of you have probably heard his "Smooth". My favorite is "The Love of my life". Maybe it'll have to grow on you but it's powerful.

I was really blown away when I read the jacket of this CD. Not only does Carlos Santana enrich the world with wonderful music but he and his wife are quite the social activists.

So, that's another rule for me. Looks are meaningless.

With all that, I still don't think he'd make a suitable son-in-law. He'd never be accepted to BMG in Lakewood. Next suitor!

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