28 September 2008

No no no!

No no!

I'm not talking about THIS party. He'll be back. Or someone else like him. It does ebb and flow.

I was reacting to the WAMU failure.

I'm talking about the Chareidi party and those that think that God selected them to sit and learn and "Der Aibeshter Vet Helfen". I'm talking about the financial party in the united states with easy money for those who dabble in debt, hedge funds, etc. The party is over for easy money and I see it already. Institutions are hurting big time. The appeals for funds are heartbreaking. There is suddenly this sense of urgency and doom wafting over the communities. It's not just select individuals, there seem to be many, even employed people, are finding it hard to make ends meet. (I blame that on large family size and the requirement to live a Baalle Baatish life such as people wearing starched monogrammed shirts when going to the gym. There is going to be big time competition for the charity money now.

Kolel will once more become the luxury it should be.

As far as this party? Stay Tuned.

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