22 September 2008


A guest post from Mark pertaining to Dr. Twerski's resignation from the Hikind task force as reported in the Jewish Week.

Now, what really got me thinking is the following: What do the leaders and Rabbis in these communities see as the reaction of the populace to their opposition to aiding the government in uncovering child molesters. Forget about all the minutia of Halacha and all the rest, but aren't they afraid of people leaving the fold because of this. In the times of the Gemarah or even later, there was much more common sense. We find the concept of "Es La'asos LaHashem Heferu Torosecha" so that even if something is not Halachically perfect, other common sense considerations were taken into account. Now, as far as I understand Halacha, there is no problem in aiding the state's efforts here. But even if we assume that it is Halachically problematic, doesn't common sense and the community's welfare dictate that the government's cause must be taken as our own?

Not only because of the importance of this issue alone, but even if these thugs (excuse my french) don't care for the kids per se, they should have enough Sechel to realize the repercussions this position will have. If this goes the right way, this can become a real scandal, and open the eyes of many.

In the community where I live, especially amongst the Chassidim, the popular feeling runs very much in favor of Hikind and the government's cause. The protectionism practiced by the Rabbonim is viewed as self preservation and political maneuvering. Hopefully this sentiment grows.

To conclude, although for the sake of past, present, and future victims, the idiotic stand the Frumakes have taken is a defeat, I think that in the grand scheme of things, maybe oh maybe, some of the people will start taking notice of what these "leaders" are made of.


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