10 August 2008

צַדִּיק הוּא יְהוָה, כִּי פִיהוּ מָרִיתִי

Eicha - 1:18

'The LORD is righteous; for I have rebelled against His word'

Before my skeptic days, I had no trouble with this. There was a God and He would make everything all right. One way or another. Either in this life or an after-life. God would level the playing field and correct all wrongs. It was that simple. I personally have a decent life so I didn't have a personal Nisayon in this area. I could commiserate with others whose lives are drek and see that they might not easily be swayed. But they must have done something wrong to be in that boat. Or God would make it up to them in such future settlement. But me? Maybe God just liked me. I found "Chain", Grace in his eyes. Or I'm just a Tzaddik.

But the bottom line is there is no way an Omnipotent God would fail to make things right. And He would recompense me for all the little stupid things in my life that were not 100% perfect.

But now, without an OJ, without a revelation, God becomes, I'm almost afraid to say, the Bad guy. And it's not my life that I'm basing it on! It's the miserable lot of 99.99% of Humans and animal life that spent time on this planet over the past millions upon millions of years.

Or, more likely, there is no God. Ch"Vsh. (I have to add that, he might be listening).

Because if there WOULD be a God, he would have given us instructions and there'd be an OJ or equivalent.

Poor logic?

I think Logic dictates the following.

If we accept the following premise

"If A then B"

It also implies

"If not B then not A"

See, a common argument in support of TMS goes something like this. First they get you to agree that there's a God; by whatever argument you accede to. And that's not difficult to do, because I think most people for whatever reason, feel there's a God. V'ani Bsocham. Then the argument becomes, it makes no sense for God to have created a world and not given directions to man. Therefore TMS is true!

But once you've studied it and ruled out TMS, that same argument turn into an argument aginst God.

Am I missing something?

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