23 July 2008

Who REALLY wrote the Bible.

I'm really not looking to proselytize anyone to my skeptic point of view. Honest. People have enough Tzurris without me.

But the thought occurred to me "how would I go about doing that?", if I wanted to.

At first, I figured I would send out an anonymous E-mailing of Zeligman's Letter to My Rabbi. But thinking about it, I doubt that would convince anyone except someone who's already on the fence. Typical believers' defences go up when approached with blatant skeptical material. I was ensnared by reading neutral scientific and other historical material. I don't know how I would have reacted had I been exposed to Zeligman first.

After much thought (about 10 seconds), I decided if I really wanted to get the word out, I'd do it in a very big way.

What better way than to produce a Major Motion Picture of the actual creation of the Bible and it's characters!

So with all due respects to Richard Elliot Friedman:

Presenting, "Who Really Wrote The Bible - and other characters".

But alas, right now it's just in the planning stage. What I'm doing now is lining up all the resources for this mammoth project, and I wanted to run it by you before I started filming.

The cast and all the behind-the-scenes players will be drawn from local talent that has graced the J-skepti-blogosphere. To protect anonymity of the cast, the reasoning behind my casting will not usually be explained. But I think you may inderstand the wisdom of my selections.

So Lights - Camera - Action!


J - Enigma4u - (Sorry, won't explain this one)

J - Understudy - XGH. (Hmmm, Yes, there is method to my madness)

E - Baal Devarim - (Hmmmm, Yes, there is method to my madness )

P - Baruch Spinoza. (Why not? He's a pal of mine.)

D - Jacob Stein - (Fits like a glove - Fire & Brimstone)

H - Lakewood Yid (He truly enlightened us what it means to be holy with his, errrr, hands-off approach!)

Shmuel - Rabban Gamliel (Ever try reading though Samuel? )

Solomon - S.

Elijah - Mis-nagid (Disappeared to who knows where)

Isaiah - This is a close call. It's a tie between Agnostic Writer & Shai, (Two magnificent writers!).

bilaam - happywithhislot - all lowercase of course (Who else?)

Baal Shemtov = Hasidic Rebel - (Self-explanatory)

Avrohom Avinu - Shtreimel (He started the whole thing, right?)

Yitzchak Avinu - EmunaPshutah (Only someone with EP would stick his neck out!)

Yaakov Avinu - Daas Hedyot (V'yaakov Ish Tam)

Noach - Holy Hyrax (Noach M'ktanei Emuna)

The Hyrax - as himself

Maimonides - RJM (duh!) or Orthoprax (huh?)

Lubavitch Rebbe - LNM (that's easy)

Acher - Jewish Atheist

Am Haaretz - Baal Habos

Bar Kochva - Failed Messiah

Redactor - Daganev (Think about it!)



Director - XGH

Finance - Little Foxling (He seems good with numbers, check his posts about the Calendar).

Music - Search for Emes (only if we film on Monday)

Script - Ben Avuya

Catering - Candyman

CSA - Baal Habos

There are still plenty of choice roles available. Let's hear you suggestions!

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