14 July 2008


Jewish Atheist posts about what would happen if an intact version of J/E/P/D was found, in effect, proving the DH.

That would just about clinch it, right? But that's highly unlikely. And besides Daganev & Rabban Gamliel would be sure to have some apologetica even for that remote possibility.

And how about the following remarks in Newsweek magazine?

How far are we from creating a multi cellular organism? Quite a ways. But the race is definitely on to be the first lab to create life from nonlife.
Someone will cross that finish line within the next decade or so.

Is the creation of artificial or synthetic life something for believers to be concerned with?

I think so. But once again, RG will be sure to make some distinction such as "Synthetic life is different because scientists made it happen", Or "Still, life needs a desginer and something to make it happen". And Daganev will be sure to find some Passuk that will make it seem as if the Zohar predicted synthetic life. Dumb scientists! The Maharal did it hundreds of years ago!! The Yated may even retract their dismissal of the story about the Golem!

So while I don't expect "Checkmate" any time soon, things may get real interesting.

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