17 March 2007

Various Unrelated Random thoughts

This past Shabbos we had a double parsha, so Leining was sooooooo long.

As I'm listening to the Baal Koreh all I could think of is the countless hours he must have spent in preparing the leining. And that brought me back to one of my earliest skeptic memories of davening.

I remember thinking, how? How could it possibly be not true? How would God let us spend so many hours davening in shul, day in and day out, if this didn't have any real meaning? How could that possibly be? How could all of my ancestors spent hundreds of hours learning Torah if there was not some magical force behind it? How could we all be duped? How could all this sacrifice be in vain?

The answer, I realized even then, was in the Church down the block. But I thought, "NO!" They spend what? Maybe an hour once a week in Church, we spend may 10 or 12 a week!! And look at all the learning we do.

But just do the rough math. Counting roughly 3 Billion Muslims & Christians it is clear that as a group they (3 Billion hours a week) sacrifice much more than we do (100 Million?). You think we're frum because we daven three times a day? Well Muslims pray 5 times a day. We go to Yeshivas, they go to Madrass, etc.

Look, there's Moishe. He never used to wear a hat. And now during Kedusha, his Tallis is over his head. Externally, he looks just like me. Except that I'm looking around Shul, and he's standing there - hands open in supplication, eyes closed and face turned towards upwards to the heavens . Who'd of ever believed it?

It's so easy to get me to cry like a baby.


Do secular jews get emotional over this kind of stuff?

So, my brothers, if I'm not with you in mind, you're all still in my hearts.



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