27 December 2009

Please join me in my study.

I think by many standards this blog has been a great success. I originally set out to tell my story to clarify my own feelings and I was quite pleasantly surprized that anyone came along for the ride. I mean, there were so many writers far more eloquent and talented than I. I got lucky. I found sympathetic readers and at the same time I had critics who challenged me to hone my positions.
At this point there's not much left to say in this blog. Sure, there's no end to bashing OJ; that's so easy to do lately, it's not even challenging . BTW, See Wolfish Musings for a great post related to this.

I'm not closing this down just yet, but, it's time to move on. (By the way, if any knows how to import my Haloscan comments into Blogger, i'd be might greatful. I really don't like the new Echo and the fact that they'e trying to force people to for an inferior experience does not sit well with me.)

I don't want the skeptic dialogue to come to halt. So last night, practically on a whim, I started a new blog and I hope you'll join me there. It's something that I had thought about before in a differnt forum but it did not materialize. Maybe, with a little effort it can work in a blog format. It's definitely an experiment because without YOUR active particpation it's not going anywhere.

(I also want to point out that co-incidentally just today I became aware of a similar effort over here. I don't view that as competetion, but rather as a Kinas Sofrim Tarbeh Chuchma.)

So. Grab a drink, pull up a chair. I hope you join me in my study.

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